Expert Support Categories

DATA QUALITY AUDITAudit availability and fitness of data to ensure compressive access needed to inform sound business decisions

MATURITY ASSESSMENTMulti-dimensional assessment model defines an actionable roadmap for program improvement

WORK TAXONOMY & RATE MANAGEMENTScalable and dynamic taxonomy structure supports continuous rate evaluation to market alignment; defined rate management practices support short- and long-term cost savings goals

SOW VISIBILITY & MISCLASSIFICATION Utilizing advanced AI, convert unstructured documents into structured data tables to increase SOW visibility and uncover potential misclassification  

SUPPLIER PRICE ANALYTICSAnalyze supplier utilization and effectiveness to illuminate opportunity for streamlining supplier landscape

WORKFORCE MIXComparative analysis of cost, quality, efficiency, and risk factors between FTE & Non-FTE worker type. Support and optimize Make vs. Buy decision

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