December 13, 2022

All I Want For Christmas Is Better Analytics

Danette Lee
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You asked, and we delivered! This month, we added a brand new SOW Quality and Risk Dashboard and revamped our entire Essential Insights collection of delivered, out-of-the-box dashboards in TDX. 

The SOW Quality and Risk Dashboard, which is available under the Services Procurement > Visualize tab, keeps track of your key SOW metrics over time. It can help answer questions like “What portion of our SOWs have risk potential?” or “Which SOWs may potentially be misclassified?” Or, let’s say you have made some improvements to your SOW preferred supplier lists, and you want to see if those changes have had a positive impact on your risk; you can view those changes in the Process Controls section and analyze the results. Check out the 90-second video below to see it in action. 

HubSpot Video


Our second big update this month is our revamped Essential Insights dashboards. They are now organized into three objectives: CW Program Overview, CW Optimization Opportunities, and CW Supplier Analytics. All the analytics under CW Program Overview identify where your contracted spend is and can answer questions like “What cities are the majority of my assignments located in?” or “Which suppliers have the highest contracted value and active headcount?” 

Given our current economic and labor environment, CW Optimization Opportunities help identify areas to reduce cost and improve sourcing performance. This can be achieved by identifying job titles with multiple locations where there is a cost delta between them (how much more or less are we paying for the same role in different cities), or by investigating which locations by job title have poor assignment outcomes. 

And last but not least, with CW Supplier Analytics, you can explore the utilization and performance of all the suppliers in your program by not only comparing their bill rates across job titles but also other metrics like Time to Fill and Positive Outcomes.  

Time to grab a peppermint latte, log into TDX and start analyzing how your program performed in the past year. Not a TDX customer yet? Not a problem. Request a live demo now!

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