November 2, 2018

3 Things to Start Doing Tomorrow to Take Your Contingent Worker Management Program Global

Dennis Bongers Senior Associate
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If you want more control over contingent worker spend in multiple countries, chances are that you’re mulling over big questions, like:

  • What technology should we use?
  • How do we build the right governance structure?
  • How do we build a target operating model that is compliant with legislation in all countries in our organization?

The reality is, contingent worker solutions require many months of planning, implementing, and stabilizing before you harvest the first results.

Instead of waiting for the ultimate solution to bring you full transparency in the longer term, consider initiating three activities with your key countries. These actions will deliver better insights and make the design and implementation phase much more effective. Convince your local teams to streamline on the following reports using one language and standard templates:

  1. Operational Dashboard – key operational parameters, including spend figures, number of requisitions, active workers, time to fill, etc. organized typically by month, division and/or spend category.
  2. Quarterly Business Review Reports – business review reporting template with key suppliers (MSP, master vendor or large staffing supplier) using a fixed agenda covering all aspects of the service and appropriate for all countries.
  3. Roadmap Report – status of active projects, objectives, prioritization, and progress compared to plan.

Building rapport with local teams through a common set of basic reports will give you a far better understanding of local status. That, in turn, will improve the quality of your solution, help predict a realistic business case, and create true buy in.

With only a little additional effort, you can now create and maintain an international contingent worker management dashboard, consolidating every country’s data in your program. It can be a great tool to demonstrate control and support your go-forward strategy.

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