February 6, 2018

Bartech and Guidant Group Adopt Brightfield Analytics

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New York City, New York – February 6, 2018 – Brightfield, the preeminent workforce analytics and consulting company, and two Impellam Group plc managed service provider brands, The Bartech Group (Bartech) and Guidant Group, today announced a strategic partnership that will provide significant market differentiation through advanced, AI-driven analytics. By integrating Brightfield Talent Data Exchange (TDX) into their offering, Bartech and Guidant Group clients will be able to see exactly how their program stacks up against the market on cost, quality, efficiency, and risk, and swiftly identify areas for improvement.

“We’ll be able to turn the volume up to 11 in terms of offering strategic value to our clients,” said Brian Salkowski, president of Bartech managed services. “TDX benchmarking and analytics will give our clients unprecedented visibility, helping them to make better decisions and meet their objectives.”

TDX, created by Brightfield as an offshoot to its extensive analytics work, enables companies to model and test various workforce strategies using market data from real-world transactions. TDX uses AI-based, natural language processing technology that extracts structured data from the text of job descriptions, enabling higher precision modeling for workforce strategies, decision support, and benchmarking.

“At the core of TDX is an unprecedented amount of real-world data gathered from organizations across the globe,” stated Christopher Minnick, Co-founder and EVP. “The depth of the data and the speed with which TDX can model and deliver results is a game changer. With a comprehensive understanding of what’s happening in the market and predictability around the anticipated results of alternative courses of action, Bartech and Guidant Group will be able to uniquely provide strategic insight and help resolve vexing challenges for clients.”

About Brightfield
Data scientists. Data whisperers. Data nerds. You can call Brightfield Strategies many things, but when it comes to enabling Global 2000 companies to design their workforce precisely right, you won’t call us guessers. We couple the world’s most advanced, AI-driven workforce analytics platform with deep employee and contingent labor expertise. Our superior data science, fact-based market data, and innovative solutions have been making heroes out of HR, talent acquisition, and procurement professionals since our founding in 2006.

About Bartech Group and Guidant Group
Bartech Group and Guidant Group, both Impellam Group brands, are international managed service providers (MSP) and assist their clients in improving their market position by optimizing talent acquisition and retention strategies, providing leading-edge tools and analytics, and ensuring safeguards against operational risks.  We have a highly personalized local approach and clear, measurable benefits with the expertise to reach the talent your organization needs. We value our privileged position of trust: we put our clients first and always do what’s right, not what’s easy. Together, we can deliver the contingent workforce solutions you’ve been searching for. Learn more at www.bartechgroup.com and www.guidantgroup.com.

About Impellam Group plc
Impellam is the 2nd largest staffing business in the UK and 6th largest MSP provider worldwide. Our vision is to be the world’s most trusted staffing company – trusted by our people, our customers and our investors in equal measure. We provide managed service provision and specialist staffing solutions across the UK, North America, Australasia, Europe and Asia Pacific. We have over 3,400 Impellam people throughout our network of 17 market-leading brands across 182 worldwide locations. Ultimately, Impellam Group’s mission is to provide fulfillment and a sense of purpose to its people, and to help customers build better businesses in a changing world. For more information about Impellam Group, please visit www.impellam.com.

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