January 7, 2021

Extended Workforce Intelligence Report: December 2020 Edition

Carrie Wurzelbacher
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Brightfield releases the December 2020 Edition of its Extended Workforce Intelligence Report

Even by the standards of the most passionate holiday enthusiasts, the 2020 holiday season seemed a bit bleak. Layoffs from earlier in the year undoubtedly had an affect on the gift pile under the Christmas tree and the November rise in COVID cases made visiting family and friends difficult. While the challenges posed throughout the year are not lost on us, there are a variety of trends within the extended workforce market that are painting a portrait of a rebound as we enter into 2021.

With the December release of our Extended Workforce Intelligence Report, we share the following findings and more to help leading companies stay ahead of trends in these important markets. As part of our commitment to leadership in the extended workforce management space, Brightfield continuously monitors and reports on the quickly evolving markets for non-employee labor. To do this, we draw on the world's largest and richest set of contingent work data, housed in Brightfield TDX.

Aggregating U.S. data through the end of November, we noticed the demand for additional contingent workers was in line with typical seasonality. Even more promising was that the number of customer support roles were unseasonably strong (55% above baseline) and managed to avoid the typical November drop-off. These optimistic trends extend past the IT sector and into both light industrial and non-IT professional roles, which saw a 40% and 37% increase in requisitions over the past six months, respectively. It almost seems as if all varieties of workers needing some extra spending money for the holiday season stood as good of a chance this year of picking up a few extra shift hours as they did in past years.

Some other promising data in the report shows that not only have IT roles continued to grow for 11 months straight, but companies are taking advantage work-from-anywhere policies to help standardize bill rates, allowing them to cut back on costs while remaining steadfast in their commitment to digital transformation.

To gain full access to this report and our entire content library click here: Brightfield Extended Workforce Intelligence Report December 2020 Edition

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