July 9, 2019

SOW Misclassification

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The first step to tackling Statement of Work / Services spend: address improperly categorized contractors who are performing staff augmentation work on a statement of work.

Did you know that, on average, 20% of SOW consultants are engaged in staff augmentation work? The financial costs of misclassification can be staggering: SOW consultant bill rates are 30% to >100% higher than their staff augmentation counterparts.

Contingent workforce program owners can increase their probability of successfully incorporating SOW spend into their programs by focusing on the lowest hanging fruit: properly classifying staff augmentation work being disguised under a statement of work.  Save millions, significantly reduce risk and create short-terms wins that can be leveraged to lead positive change for your contingent workforce program.

As we join our colleagues and customers at Contingent Staffing conference in Minneapolis this week, we’ll explore with them how to overcome challenges to expansion and help create ways to achieve even greater financial success for their organizations by addressing services performed under a statement of work. Don’t miss it!

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