July 14, 2022

Summer TDX Release: Expanding International Coverage for SOW Benchmarking and UI Enhancements

Danette Lee
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In the midst of all the summer heat (we hope all our friends in the extended workforce space are staying cool!), Brightfield is here to announce we’ve released our equally hot summer TDX product update. We focused our time this month in expanding data coverage, and enhancing the user experience within our features.  

With SOW Rate Insights (if you haven’t read up on how we solved the SOW benchmarking mystery, read about it here), we are ensuring that our customers can benchmark and find ‘should costs’ for their resources in additional regions outside of the US, including India, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland with more to come in future releases.  

In an environment where rates are rapidly changing, some of our customers have chosen to build SOW Rate Insights directly into their workflows; SOWs don’t get signed until they’ve checked the resource benchmark rate, and can confirm they’re making the best financial and staffing decision for their business units. By identifying resource rates pre-signature and utilizing our market benchmarking data to help negotiate with suppliers, organizations realize significant cost savings and reduced risk. With the addition of the above mentioned countries, Brightfield’s customers will realize even more benefit when negotiating on a global level.  



Along with our regional data expansion, we’ve added additional UI enhancements, ensuring that the voices and advice from all our subject matter experts here at Brightfield are present as our customers utilize our platform. As you benchmark your SOW resources in TDX, we’ll explain what each result means, and how best to compare your data with the market data. 

The 'Should Cost' Rate is defined as the CW Market rate for a comparable resource plus the percentage premium set in the filter section above.

And as always, if you’re interested in seeing more of our solutions and how we’ve been helping our customers solve the never-ending question of if a SOW is priced fairly, let us know by requesting a live demo and we’ll have someone contact you as soon as possible! 


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