March 21, 2023

TDX New Feature Release - Supplier Scorecards

Danette Lee
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From a very young age, we learn about the importance of good grades. It’s a universal way to succinctly measure your academic achievements or identify the cleanliness of a restaurant or which cut of meat you want to order from the butcher! And let's be honest, we all do double takes when we see restaurants with low grades on health inspections, and our minds go straight into analysis mode: do we really want to eat there? With this in mind, we architected our NEW feature, Supplier Scorecards, to give you instant insight into how well your suppliers are performing, and how best to engage with them at your table.

TDX’s Supplier Scorecards are calculated based on an average of 18 metrics, which are divided into four different categories: Volume, Quality, Speed, and Cost. The overall supplier score is an average of each category which then determines the overall letter grade. To give all our customers a head start, we automatically generate scorecards for every supplier based on assignment transactions over the past year. If needed, you can easily update your filters to have TDX calculate specific scorecards for a country, date range, job category, or supplier tier.

Supplier Scorecard - Grades

The unique advantages of our supplier scorecards are:

  • No additional configuration setup for our customers (other than the ability to customize optional filters for calculating metrics across a specific supplier population),
  • Scorecards are calculated and generated in real time,
  • AND, they can be easily exported as a PDF and shared with others.

Supplier Scorecard - Details


Understanding how your suppliers are performing can help you unlock cost savings, speed up time to fill, and increase quality across your extended workforce programs. The ability to identify your top suppliers or find areas for improvement on a regular basis lends itself to ensuring you are having meaningful conversations with your suppliers. Navigating these relationships becomes much more productive when using factual data – especially when it’s in an easy to understand visual format. 

As a TDX user, you get to decide how often you run scorecards; we just wanted to make sure you had a tool that ensured you could do so as efficiently as possible. Regardless of how often you choose to run your scorecards, just remember that it shouldn’t be a daunting or overly involved process, and Brightfield’s TDX is here to help you with that! 

Request a demo now to see Supplier Scorecards in action and all of the features in TDX to help your extended workforce programs get an A+. 

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