TDX Return on Investment

The calculator below will help you estimate how much your company could save on an annual run-rate basis with TDX support, based on our experience with other companies.

Overview of this Calculator

This calculator estimates how much a TDX subscription could likely save your organization, on an annual basis. TDX, among other things, helps companies:

  • Match the right worker types to the work to be done
  • Improve workforce supplier management
  • Identify better locations and rates

The size and speed of actual cost savings depend on the strength of your organization’s current practices, the mix of non-employee work, the degree of rate misalignment in specific markets, your company’s priorities, etc.

To discuss your results, please contact us.

Calculator Instructions

Please maximize your browser window for optimal viewing of the calculator. Then follow the three steps in the calculator to input information on your company's spending on contingent and SOW workers and the role distribution of contingent workers.

  1. Input your annual spending on (non-SOW) contingent workers
  2. Set the distribution of that spending across different types of roles (must sum to 100%)
  3. Input your annual spending on SOW workers, including consultants, managed services, and outsourced providers
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Seeing is believing

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