Every great business idea starts with a pressing need. Ours was simple.

The Need: there is little to no transparency to the price and performance of the extended workforce.  

Our mission in support of that need.

The Mission: to build the most trusted services supply chain intelligence platform, automating the design of modern work: the right team, from the right source, at the right price.

Brightfield Firm Values

Articulations and Implications

Pursuit of Truth

We believe that truth is both the hallmark of enduring relationships - be they commercial or collegiate - and by turn, the single best differentiator in the markets we serve.

  • We are relentless in our efforts to study the intellectual terrain and improve our product offering, so that we may stand as an undisputed source of truth in the space.
  • We speak truth to one another and to power, and we receive truth in the spirit with which it is spoken - chasing the right answer together.

Duty of Care

Brightfielders are wired for care - for one another, for customers, for the business, for the domain, and for the concerns, great and small, of our time. They are defined not just by their devotion but also their action.

  • We take on the needs of others as our own, and independently - at times impatiently - seek ways to overwhelm them.
  • We recognize that our ability to steward the cares of others depends on the care we afford ourselves as well as the energy we put into learning and personal growth.

Power of Community

Few forces in nature are so strong as a constructively activated community — as a source of truth and a drive of change. Each new member added to the community enhances its value to the rest.

  • As we consider decisions regarding individual community members, we keep an eye toward impact on the community as a whole.
  • We recognize true community is as much a function of human interaction as it is an organizing construct, every conversation matters.

Focus on Impact

A great idea, actualized, holds the potential to move entire markets; a great idea, un-acted upon, just steals from better deserving work. We are at our best when great ideas shape our work but impact defines our achievements.

  • We balance our healthy intellectual curiosity with a deliberate drive to outcomes - and we denominate all success in the currency of impact.
  • We devote real energy to clarifying and prioritizing objectives, so that teams are always deployed against that which matters most.

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Brightfield is the leading augmented analytics company powering the economics of digital transformation in the new world of work.  

Founded in 2006 as a workforce strategy consultancy, Brightfield has been a strategic advisor to the world’s largest companies looking to build, expand, or optimize extended workforce programs.  

The massive market inefficiencies caused by a lack of transparency into the price and performance of the extended workforce compelled Brightfield to replace anecdotes with data-driven facts by building a proprietary augmented analytics platform for unified workforce optimization.

Workforce Management
Extended Workforce

In 2015 Brightfield built the first generation of its workforce analytics platform - TDX - and established the market’s first independent data consortium which combines contingent workforce data contributed by participating members with Brightfield advanced engineering and data science techniques.

TDX has seen exponential growth in data and its member network over the last three years. As the pressure to optimize the unified talent supply chain mounts, enterprise leaders require stronger workforce intelligence to optimize their extended workforce.

As enterprise leaders seek comprehensive visibility into the employee & non-employee workforce, the need for AI-based solutions to manage taxonomy, cost, and performance benchmarks are ever-increasing.

We believe that as the need for workforce visibility becomes more relevant, so will the need for Unified Workforce Management.   

At Brightfield, we are building the future of talent through research, innovation, and passion.   

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Seeing is believing

Curious to see how other companies manage the economics of their workforce? Schedule a live demo with one of our TDX Experts.

Seeing is believing

Curious to see how other companies manage the economics of their workforce? Schedule a live demo with one of our TDX Experts.

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