Every idea starts with a need. Ours was simple:

There is little to no transparency to the price and performance of the extended workforce

The industry was operating in darkness, and there was no reliable and objective data source that enterprises could leverage to benchmark and improve their extended workforce.

Brightfield is the leading augmented analytics company powering the economics of digital transformation in the new world of work.  

Founded in 2006 as a workforce strategy consultancy, Brightfield has been a strategic advisor to the world’s largest companies looking to build, expand or optimize extended workforce programs.  

The massive market inefficiencies caused by a lack of transparency into the price and performance of the extended workforce compelled Brightfield to replace anecdotes with data-driven facts by building a proprietary augmented analytics platform for unified talent optimization.

In 2015 Brightfield built the first generation of its workforce analytics platform - Talent Data Exchange (TDX) - and established the market’s first independent data consortium which combines contingent workforce data contributed by participating members with Brightfield advanced engineering and data science techniques.

TDX has seen exponential growth in data and member network over the last 3 years. As the pressure on enterprise leaders to optimize the unified talent supply chain mounts, they require better workforce intelligence to optimize their extended workforce.

As enterprise leaders seek comprehensive visibility into employee & non-employee workforce the need for AI-based solution to manage cross-talent category aligned taxonomy, cost and performance benchmarks are ever increasing.  

We believe that the ongoing visibility into workforce needs and gaps will increase the need for Unified Talent Management.  

At Brightfield, we are building the future of talent through research, innovation, and passion.  

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