AI-Based Dynamic Taxonomy

An artificial intelligence-based, dynamic taxonomy is at the heart of our technology.  Unlike traditional index-based benchmarking tools, the quality and accuracy of Brightfield’s data and insight push far beyond the job title.  We dissect the job description, the work attributes, and over 100+ factors to determine a baseline job category, job title, and skill variants before assessing a rate.

The Talent Data Exchange (TDX) follows a robust technical and data science process to read and interpret the job description, to extract relevant attributes of the job that impact the price and performance of the role.  We leverage clustering methodology to identify variants for the job, with respective price, quality, and risk impact.

Cost Comparison Benchmarks

Establish target rates for new, unique, or hard to fill positions. Predict the likelihood of filling a job based on the definition of the work, the bill and pay rate, the contract length, and location. Determine how different skills impact rates, research rates for roles where performance challenges are attributed to market misalignment.  

Dynamic Rate Card Manager

Accelerate the creation or refinement of your rate cards. Assess the market, compliance, and strategic fitness of your rate cards. Brightfield’s machine learning automates rate card optimization and offers AI-informed adjustments based on rate card objectives, historical and current assignments, existing rate cards, and market insight. The interactive before-and-after view allows you to visualize the impact of recommended updates.

Program Performance Measurement 

Calibrate your non-employee workforce program performance. Diagnose most leveraged opportunities for improvement across the cost, quality, risk, and efficiency of your contingent workforce operational indicators. Gain insight on areas of strengths and performance gaps.

Digital Contingent Workforce Dashboard 

Prioritize your company’s key performance indicators and tap into data tiles to create your customized leadership dashboard. Enable real-time visibility into market intelligence and program performance. Automate your Quarterly Business Review presentations to provide business leaders with critical metrics, longitudinal improvements, and market trends of the contingent workforce.

Seeing is believing

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