AI Based Dynamic Taxonomy

Artificial Intelligence-based dynamic taxonomy is at the heart of our technology. The quality and accuracy of the benchmarks and insights directly depend on our ability to understand the job description, work attributes, and baseline it the appropriate job category, job title, and skills. Talent Data Exchange (TDX) follows a very systematic and robust technical and data science process to read and interpret the job description, extract relevant attributes of the job that have an impact on the price and performance of the role and leverage clustering methodology to create variants for the job.

Cost Comparison Benchmarks

Establish target rates for new, unique, or hard to fill positions, Research rates for roles where performance challenges are attributed to misaligned market rates, Make work location decisions by comparing cost in two different locations and understand how different skills may impact rates

Dynamic Rate Card Manager

Assess the market, compliance, and strategic fitness of your rate card and get automated rate card recommendations. Make informed adjustments based on rate card objectives, historical and current assignments, existing rate cards, and market insight. Quantify the likely impact of rate card changes.

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