COVID Response - Cash Savings Calculator

No-regrets moves that companies can evaluate to free up $50M in cash quickly

Brightfield’s member network is using our AI spend intelligence during the COVID-19 crisis to evaluate and optimize their use of the non-employee workforce to generate quick cash savings. The below calculator will help you estimate the approximate magnitude of several key cost-savings options for your company. Brightfield’s approach has identified up to $50 million in cash savings for some companies.

Companies are welcome to contact Brightfield for more information or advice.

Immediate Contingent Workforce Cost-Savings Actions

Overview of this Cost-Savings Calculator

This calculator covers six key near/medium-term cost-savings opportunities. Mouse over the information icon on each cost-savings option for more detail. Please input your company’s total contingent workforce spend (annualized), and use the sliders to change the calculator’s assumptions and model a variety of scenarios for your company.  Of course, the exact combination of approaches to pursue (what is both feasible and/or most attractive) depends on each company's specific situation. The calculator does not double-count any savings.

Seeing is believing

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