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Largest Contingent Workforce spend data set on the planet

Brightfield collects actual Vendor Management System transaction data from global enterprises. Our ability to gather and analyze transaction data at scale gives us the ability to provide our customers with data and insights across industries, functions, and geographies.


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Job Categories

Job Categories

Brightfield has data for 16 job categories covering all roles and functions of an enterprise.  Our AI-powered taxonomy will enable us to map and compare any job role variant in your organization to the market benchmarks


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Industrial & Manufacturing

Professional Role
Brightfield member network consists of companies across industry verticals.  The breadth and depth of our data enable our customers to harness hyper-focused benchmarks for their decision-making purposes. Our focused industry coverage approach helps our members gain access to sector-specific data, taxonomy, roles/skills and cluster variants, advisory and domain expertise.  

Global Coverage

At Brightfield, we collect data across global locations by virtue of our B2B exchange architecture.  Our members share their extended workforce data across geographies and suppliers.  Our data network spans 115 countries that employ over 90% of the world’s working population.  We have near to perfectdata for North America, Western Europe, and key locations in Asia.  We have excellentcoverage for Digital and Information Technology focused roles in global locations.  

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