Define the economic and management standards for the new world of work
Define the economic and management standards for the new world of work
Create a sustainable competitive advantage in the talent supply chain
Create a sustainable competitive advantage in the talent supply chain

Macroeconomic volatility and digital transformation are driving an ever-growing role for Procurement and Human Resource in managing the unified workforce supply and mix.  And yet, there is still no governing body to establish and operate the thought leadership and price benchmarking standards agenda.  

Our goal is to harness the collective wisdom of the most progressive global enterprises to define the economic and management standards that create sustainable competitive advantage in the talent supply chain.  The outcomes will be actionable intelligence that participating organizations can use to inform planning, budgeting, cost, and performance management of the contingent and SOW consulting categories.

We believe leaders have a unique opportunity to change the rules of worker engagement and thus deliver immense business value.  

We are excited to announce that the first Extended Workforce Strategy Board meeting was completed on Sept 26th in Chicago. Procurement and HR leaders deliberated on the management science, technologies, challenges, and strategies to shape the future of Unified workforce.



6:00 PM

Cocktails and Kickoff Dinner


7:30 AM

Continental Breakfast

8:00 AM

Welcome, Introductions, and Aims for the Day

8:30 AM

State of the Union: Current Approaches and Shared Challenges in Managing Extended Workforce Supply & Performance

  • The Impact of Market & Strategy Trends Shaping Workforce Mix Shifts
  • Typical Operational Constraints to Optimizing the Unified Talent Base
  • Emerging Governance & Cross-Functional Management Models
  • Next-Generation Approaches to Measuring Services Vendor Price & Value
  • Vendor Management & Human Capital System Product Gaps and Challenges

11:30 AM

Special Speaker: Seth Harris, Former Acting Secretary of Labor, United States

12:30 PM

Shaping the Future: Alliance Innovation and Collaboration Opportunity Prioritization

  • Playback of Key Takeaways from State of the Union Dialogue
  • Feedback on Benchmarking, Standard-Development and Other R&D Opportunities
  • Agreement of Approach to Management Policy and Practice Working Groups
  • Review of Next Steps and Commitments

4:00 PM


Guest Speaker

Seth Harris

We are thrilled to announce Seth Harris as the guest speaker for the strategy board meeting. Seth served four and one-half years as the Deputy U.S. Secretary of Labor and six months as Acting U.S. Secretary of Labor and was a member of President Obama’s Cabinet.

He is a prolific writer on the gig economy and a Distinguished Scholar at Cornell University’s School of Industrial & Labor Relations.

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  • Have an interest in defining thought leadership and policy influence

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