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Today’s CHRO plays a crucial role in enabling enterprise strategy, but in a challenging environment marred both by external skills shortages and internal challenges to meeting talent needs, they need new lenses on the landscape.  

Digital transformation has created a new set of talent challenges within the enterprise. Traditional frameworks and analytics can provide clarity on only one half of the enterprise (Employee base) leaving the other significant part of the workforce, i.e., Contingent Workforce in the dark.

The Challenge

As workforce trend toward a 50/50 Internal-External mix, new challenges have raised that limit HR leaders in gaining visibility into the skills, costs, and availability of both internal and external talent pools.

Job Title TaxonomyAbility to compare external and internal workforce based on roles, skills, and experience is very challenging. While there are several similarities between employee and extended workforce, comparing them across cost, risk, and productivity is incredibly challenging.

External Labor VisibilityToday, 68% of non-employee labor is unaccounted for in enterprise budgeting, planning, and forecasting. This leaves a big void in the strategy and operations of HR teams.

Determining Workforce MixGetting the right people in the right roles at the right time in the right place for the right price has never been more confusing. Most HR leaders lack the framework that helps them decide the right workforce mix for the work outputs to be delivered to the business.

PartnershipHR leaders are required to partner with procurement and finance leaders more than ever before, but the metrics that can inform this partnership leave much to be desired.

Brightfield Talent Data Exchange (TDX)

HR leaders use Brightfield to build a workforce truly aligned to business strategy, with skills maximized, talent needs met, and costs contained.

Brightfield’s intuitive, AI-powered workforce analytics platform is powered by proprietary data and domain expertise delivers visibility, intelligence, and benchmarks. TDX is powered by the world’s only B2B talent data exchange and proprietary insight into the market price of work.

AI-Based Taxonomy

Proprietary taxonomy that maps extended and employee workforce under a common job title, skill, and level.

Unified Workforce Mix

Understand Unified workforce mix by aggregating Non-Employee and Employee data into a single data repository to provide unified visibility of talent.

Make vs. Buy

Define targeted workforce mix strategy and cost parameters to inform “make vs. buy” decisions, compare actual allocations to “optimal” allocations.

Reporting Dashboards

Metrics and dashboards to partner better with procurement and finance functions.

Seeing is believing

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