Impeccable Track RecordMembers entrust us with their transaction data, and we take every possible measure to safeguard and protect the information.  We have taken utmost care of our information security management and invested in Technology, People, and Policies to manage data securely so that our members can have peace of mind.   Members trust us with their data because we take data security seriously and have demonstrated an impeccable track record.

Regulatory ComplianceBrightfield complies with EU GDPR personal data regulations, as well as relevant US-specific regulations.  Brightfield customers are not required to invest in any additional internal compliance overheads and investments.

Anti-Trust Compliance
Brightfield complies to antitrust laws across the world and has implemented safeguards to prevent inappropriate discussions or agreements.   Brightfield TDX is designed to facilitate information exchanges in ways that conform to the anti-trust laws.  We follow the following design principles to comply with anti-trust laws

  1. Brightfield is a neutral third party managing the data exchange
  2. Data is aggregated to protect the identity of the underlying sources.  Company names are masked to generate pseudonyms
  3. Users can choose the period/age of the data to query the aggregated benchmark, E.g.,90 days
  4. Sufficient data points are aggregated to prevent competitors from linking data to a single source  

Brightfield Data Management Policies

Application Lifecycle Management Process

Data Encryption Policy

Password Protection Policy

Vulnerability Management Policy

Change Management Policy

Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Patch Management Policy

Remote Access Policy

Clear Desk, Clear Screen Policy

Disciplinary Action Policy

Records Retention Policy

RemovableStorage Media Policy

Data Classification Policy

Incident Management Policy

Risk Management Policy

Compliance Policy

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