The Challenge

To balance quality, speed, and cost of delivery outcomes, the IT organization, has a new set of challenges.

Skills and CapabilitiesIT leaders must assess their organization’s talent needs for cutting edge applications as well as legacy systems, for today and into the future. In an increasingly competitive hiring market, they need visibility into market cost and quality, and to understand the implications of sourcing these roles from every available channel.

VisibilityManage a diverse set of worker types across staff augmentation, SOW, and FTE, including an understanding of different economic models in sourcing talent.

SOW Pricing and Outcomes‍‍Comparing supplier pricing and skills can be complicated, and not having the right people – or the right people priced wrong– increases the risk of failure.

Workforce MixThe ratio of Full-Time Employees and External Talent to balance short-term and longer-term delivery priorities.  Balance the risks of being over- or under-staffed to deliver on the stakeholder commitments. 

"Having the right workforce mix strategy is an imperative that cannot wait."

Brightfield Talent Data Exchange (TDX)

IT leaders use Brightfield’s  intuitive, AI-powered workforce analytics platform to meet their talent imperative and connect their strategic workforce plan to their budget.

Our Talent Data Exchange (TDX) is powered by the world’s only B2B talent data exchange and proprietary insight into the market price of work and can help you to:

AI-based Taxonomy

Taxonomy to help capture the variations of roles and skills and help compare the cost based on the complexity of the skill.

Cost Reinvestment

Secure low-friction vendor cost savings and consistent spend management.  This allows reinvestment of the savings to build newer capabilities.

SOW Misclassification

Establish and execute a strategy for managing services procurement, analyze misclassification risk and savings at SOW level.

unified Workforce Mix

Optimize workforce mix and costs for critical talent segments.  Manage workforce decisions with data-driven, market-aligned insights.

As digital ecosystems grow more complex, those CIOs who can help stakeholders shine light into previously dark pools of data will be creating value for their organizations.  

Seeing is Believing!

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