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Eric Moseman

Chief Revenue Officer
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Eric is responsible for setting the sales and account management direction of the company, and for overseeing operations and performance in those two groups.

Before joining Brightfield, Eric served as an EVP of Sales at several venture-backed SaaS companies in cyber security and contract/revenue management. While at Workday, Eric built and ran a top-performing sales region that went from zero to several $million ARR over a five-year period before going public. Following Workday, Eric led sales for Attain Commercial and State & Local, taking them from $3 million to $28 million in bookings over a 24-month period. During that time, he built a Workday advisory practice, Service Now advisory practice and oversaw the acquisition of a Salesforce advisory practice.

Eric loves spending time with his wife Courtney and their four children Ellie, Sam, Leo, and Miles.