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MSPs grew in the true spirit of partnership to help provide companies with process controls and implementation support for the non-employees workforce segment deployed in an enterprise.

MSPs are under increasing pressure to continuously optimize their mix and cost of labor sources to deliver value, but without visibility, intelligence or benchmarks to determine the relative cost or value of the contingent labor they leverage, they are just guessing.

The Reporting and Analytics Challenges faced by MSPs

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Lack of Program Insights

For the value created by MSPs and the VMS solutions they leverage, transactional intra-program reporting still requires significant cleaning, standardizing, and aggregating before meaningful program performance insights can be created for the customer.  

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Market Benchmarks

Furthermore, MSPs struggle to provide any comprehensive, relevant, and reliable market data from across their full portfolio of customers, as the effort required is both cost- and time prohibitive.  

MSPs need a teammate to help them deliver a complete and accurate picture of the Extended Workforce landscape.


TDX Enables MSPs To Grow Their Business and Improve Client Impact Significantly

Brightfield TDX

Enter Brightfield and TDX, a platform designed and built exclusively to deliver program and market analytics, that standardizes and normalizes data across hundreds of programs, to enable on-demand access to internal performance analysis and external market benchmarks.  

An intuitive, AI-powered workforce analytics platform powered by proprietary data and domain expertise. TDX is powered by the world’s only B2B proprietary insight into the market price of work, making Brightfield an indispensable teammate for today’s MSPs.

With TDX, MSPs will be able to:

Enhanced Data Quality

Clean up messy program data through constant data curation, putting standardized and clean data directly in the hands of program teams and centralized analytics resources

Quick Business Reporting

Automate the creation and reporting of the most common and insightful program metrics.

Enable Advisory

Enable program teams to see beyond the four walls of their program, and across the market, allowing them to become trusted advisors to their customers, rather than order takers.

MSPs need a teammate to help them deliver a complete and accurate picture of the Extended Workforce landscape.

Seeing is believing

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