June 10, 2020

U.S. Bank Upgrades Their Talent Base

By: Carrie Wurzelbacher
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In a recent Brightfield webinar focused on upgrading his talent base, retired Group CTO of U.S. Bank, Bob Erickson, asked, “How do you know what you don’t know”. Like most F500 leaders he shared responsibility for managing his company’s talent, including full time employees, extended workers, and even interns. He managed costs, sourcing and supplier decisions, but recognized a gap in his company’s knowledge of the changing workforce landscape when he met a young woman named Maria.

Maria was a sophomore in college who was attending a local hack-a-thon competition that the U.S. Bank team was invited to observe. She was good…very good; the type of talent U.S. Bank was looking for. They approached her team lead about an potential opportunity for Maria to intern at the company, but were quickly informed that Maria already had three other full time offers on the table. Bob and his team were behind and didn’t even know it.

Bob knew he needed a better way to manage, source and keep up with potential talent. Brightfield provided the tools, expertise, and data necessary to proactively manage costs and make long term, strategic decisions. Leveraging TDX, U.S. Bank implemented a 60-, 90- and 120-day plan to identify and realize quick cost savings. With the click of a button, they had it all:

• Job taxonomy and rate management

• SOW analysis

• Workforce mix management

Rather than relying on suppliers to determine the source, price, and location of U.S. Bank managed to remain competitive in the talent space and better weather the pitfalls of 2020 by freeing up spend from misclassified SOWs and better managing the location of their talent.

Listen to the full webinar hosted by Bob, and Brightfield’s own Jesse Levin (CEO) and Jason Ezratty (Co-founder/Chief Data Scientist) here: Upgrading the Talent Base

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