The Challenge

Procurement leaders bring unique skills, experience, and perspective to organizations undergoing digital transformation. But the playbooks of the past are no longer enough to keep up with the changing needs of the business, particularly when it comes to the workforce.  Procurement leaders face several familiar but complex problems.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings Deriving cost savings without hindering talent quality and productivity is a complex balancing act.

Visibility and Benchmarks

Visibility and Benchmarks Contract labor, including services procurement, is an integral part of the unified workforce strategy but made challenging by the lack of contract labor visibility and pricing transparency.

Mis-classification Risk

Mis-classification Risk Different types of workers, changing regulations, and decentralized hiring practices create risk and compliance challenges that leave program owners vulnerable.


Partnership Procurement leaders are required to partner with HR and finance leaders more than ever before, but the metrics that can support this partnership leave much to be desired.

Workforce Mix

Workforce Mix Enterprises are under increasing pressure to continuously optimize their mix and cost of labor sources to deliver value.

Procurement leaders use TDX’s advanced technologies, such as machine learning and predictive modeling to continuously optimize their workforce mix and predict the cost of labor to deliver more value to the business.


Supporting Today’s Procurement Executive

Brightfield is on a mission to help the procurement function create a lasting impact on their organizations by influencing the Future of Work. We believe Procurement leaders have a unique opportunity to change the rules of worker engagement and thus deliver immense business value.

Procurement leaders use Brightfield’s intuitive, AI-powered workforce analytics platform powered by proprietary data and domain expertise to deliver visibility, intelligence, and benchmarks to their organizations. Brightfield’s TDX platform is powered by the world’s only B2B talent data exchange and proprietary insight into the market price of work.

  • Maximize cost savings through informed negotiations and pricing intelligence
  • Maximize satisfaction with the business through improved supply chain performance
  • Minimize time to engage suppliers for business needs through better supply chain intelligence
  • Minimize risk through contract visibility and compliance automation
  • Minimize non-compliance with policies by enabling procurement to advise internal customers and executives with hard data and facts

Seeing is believing

Curious to see how other companies manage the economics of their workforce? Schedule a live demo with one of our TDX Experts.

Seeing is believing

Curious to see how other companies manage the economics of their workforce? Schedule a live demo with one of our TDX Experts.

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