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Program Health & Design Diagnostic

Get an independent check-up on your contingent workforce program’s condition and recommendations for action.


Your organization’s access to the top talent that can drive project success depends on the correct alignment of your contingent workforce program. Many organizations face the following issues and challenges:

Worker classification

Worker misclassification

Workforce Planning

Insourcing or outsourcing?

HR analytics

Lack of visibility and transparency

workforce planning

Fragmented management of CW processes

procurement consulting

Multiple stakeholders with conflicting objectives

spend analytics

Poor or questionable cost efficiency

A Program Health & Design Diagnostic checkup helps you overcome these issues by assessing your current program performance leveraging Brightfield’s extensive experience on contingent workforce advisory projects.

What is our approach to solving these issues?

We apply advanced Brightfield TDX (Talent Data Exchange) artificial intelligence with the analysis of $400 billion of annual labor market transactional data to assess your program, as part of a three-step process:

workforce analytics


Step 1

  • Review program-related documentation
  • Conduct discovery sessions with stakeholders (CIO, CPO, CHRO, Program Manager)
Workforce Strategy


Step 2

  • Use Brightfield TDX CW Diagnostics to assess current program performance
  • Assess comparative costs & benefits of operating models (insource, outsource, hybrid)
procurement consulting


  • Present findings in person
  • Conduct workshop
  • Deliver recommendations & roadmap for optimization

Step 3

How your organization benefits

Workforce Strategy

Recommendations on taxonomy practices and rate strategy


Best-practice examples of business & technology requirements, CW process flows etc.

HR data

An independent set of recommendations presented in person and documented

workforce planning

A recommended program roadmap

workforce analytics

Cost-benefit analysis of insource, outsource and hybrid options

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Other Brightfield TDX Products:

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