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Services Procurement Optimization

Get the visibility & insights you need to drive better results from SOW resources.


You are probably spending too much on misclassified SOW resources that could be better used as staff augmentation. In fact, there are many potentially costly issues around Statement of Work resources:

System of record

Disparate system of record

Services Procurement Best Practice

Low awareness of negotiated rates

Services Procurement

Lack of visibility into services procurement spend

Services Procurement Software

Inconsistent SOW template usage

Management Consulting

Low use of milestone billing

Human Resources Software

Vague objectives

Extended Workforce solutions


rogue spend

Rogue spend

Pay parity

Scope creep

Brightfield TDX Services Procurement Optimization will enable you to identify any such issues.

What is our approach to solving these issues?

We apply advanced Brightfield TDX artificial intelligence to analyze SOW documents and $400 billion of annual labor market transactional data to assess your SOW program, in a three-step process:

Services Procurement Definition


Step 1

  • Organize, summarize and analyze unstructured contract documents and data
Services Procurement Solutions


  • Identify resource misclassification
  • Identify staff augmentation options
  • Create and manage rate cards for talent moved off SOW

Step 2

Professional Services


  • Procurement, HR and BUs advised on optimal strategies for SOW management, for immediate and long-term implementation

Step 3

How your organization benefits

Service Procurement

Visibility into services procurement spend

SOW management

Increase in SOW staff productivity

Extended Workforce

Reclassification of SOW as staff augmentation where appropriate

rogue spend

Identification of rogue spend

Procurement Process

Opportunities for cost savings at SOW sub-category levels

Extended Workforce solutions

Improved service from partner suppliers

Workforce Solutions

Reduced contract management effort through supplier rationalization

Statements of Work

Automate reading of SOW documentation for analysis

Worker classification

Better alignment of unified workforce to your organization’s needs

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Other Brightfield TDX Products:

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