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Taxonomy & Rate Optimization

Establish a new and streamlined taxonomy for your unified workforce, fully aligned to the needs of your business.


Over time, workforce taxonomies become less effective due to poor standardization, completeness, quality and relevance. This often results in:

Contingent Workers

Poor rate compliance

Reputational risk

Supplier complaints

Worker classification

Inconsistent application of job level

Worker tracking

Multiple versions of the same job title used

Pay parity

Poor cost visibility

Temporary workers

Market rates largely informed by suppliers

Contract labor

Managers circumventing sourcing processes

Gig workers

Poor digital talent attraction and retention

Job description

Taxonomy does not reflect the skills currently needed

Brightfield TDX for Unified Workforce Taxonomy helps you overcome these issues with minimal manual effort. It uses advanced artificial intelligence to benchmark your current taxonomy against $400 billion of annual labor market transactional data.

What is our approach to solving these issues?

The Unified Workforce Taxonomy analytics and advisory process:

Worker classification


Step 1

  • Capture current taxonomy structure
  • Review existing job role classifications and leveling
  • Evaluate taxonomy management policies and procedures
workforce planning


Step 2

  • Analyze duplication and redundancy within the data set
  • Compare assignment rates to market rate data
  • Provide recommendations for optimization
Workforce Management


Step 3

  • Work with you to establish a new streamlined workforce taxonomy, fully aligned to the needs of your business

How your organization benefits

Worker tracking

Positioning of the organization as an employer of choice

Worker classification

Clear and coherent view of current job titles and descriptions

Pay parity

Harmonization of pay rates between all talent categories

Pay parity

Support for pay parity initiatives

Reputational risk

Reduction of reputational risk

Statements of Work

Improved talent acquisition and retention

Contract analysis

Alignment of pay rates to skills

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Other Brightfield TDX Products:

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