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Unified Workforce Optimization

Increase speed to talent, reduce project risk and make breakthrough savings: Align your workforce programs to the current & future needs of your business and corporate culture.


Over time, your organization’s unified workforce program can become unbalanced, which can have a number of adverse consequences:

Competitive market
for technology talent

Decentralized processes & stagnant rate cards drive inefficient cost management

Strategy and development goals for the extended and employee workforce out of balance

Lack of alignment between IT, Finance, HR and Procurement

Constantly changing digital skillsets

Sub-optimal sourcing strategies

Lack of alignment in remuneration

Poor visibility or transparency

The wrong mix between extended workforce and direct employees

Not getting the right talent at the right time for the right cost

An ineffective or outdated talent taxonomy

Brightfield TDX for Unified Workforce Optimization helps you overcome these issues. Having acquired an understanding of your organization and culture, we apply advanced artificial intelligence and the analysis of $400 billion of annual labor market transactional data to improve the structure of your unified workforce program.

What is our approach to solving these issues?

We conduct end-to-end workforce mix analysis using AI-driven Brightfield TDX (Talent Data Exchange), as part of a three-step process:


Step 1

  • Align on goals & objectives
  • Conduct discovery sessions with governance team


Step 2

  • Baseline talent roles & skills to a standard taxonomy
  • Parse and analyze SOW & contingent workforce documents to identify cost inefficiencies and risks
  • Analyze & redefine rate cards using TDX


Step 3

  • Understand the cost economics of full-time employees and the extended workforce
  • Analyze workforce mix to inform planning

An end-to-end solution for Unified Workforce Optimization:

Job Management

  • Skills / roles inventory
  • Taxonomy mapping
  • Job “fillability” / sourcing risk scoring
  • Job leveling automation
  • Job automation readiness

Workforce Management

  • Demand forecasting
  • Skills trending
  • Job requisition routing
  • Unified workforce

Budget Management

  • Unified workforce budgeting and planning
  • Workforce mix management
  • Worker conversion analysis

Rate Management

  • Rate card design
  • Rate benchmarking
  • Rate assessment
  • Sourcing channel management

Supplier Management

  • Performance scoring / remediation
  • Productivity and utilization monitoring
  • Quarterly business review (QBR) automation
  • Rebates and discount management

Contract Management

  • Document centralization
  • MSA/SOW interpretation / classification
  • Misclassification risk monitor
  • Cost overrun identification / remediation

How your organization benefits

Improved hiring manager and supplier satisfaction

An independent set of recommendations presented in person and documented

Enhanced reputation as an employer of choice

Identify immediate savings

A plan for long-term, sustainable savings

Increased talent quality

Reduced IT project delivery risk

Other Brightfield TDX Products:

Other Brightfield TDX Products:

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