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Pinpoint your most valuable clientsClients are asking for much more detail in their RFPs and attaching more restrictions on their vendors via their Rate Cards and SLAs.  It's imperative that staffing companies fully understand the impact of these restrictions on operating metrics and gross margins.  Good market intelligence and the ability to automatically analyze rate cards are crucial when trying to respond quickly to 100s of RFPs each year. 

Prioritize the right orders to workExperienced recruiters and managers can prioritize job orders based on 4 to 5 client specific requirements.  However, they cannot differentiate job order with low win rates.  We leverage CRM data, industry data for context, and Machine Learning AI, to predict which VMS orders have a 2x chance of winning.

RoutingAI can help you not only choose the best orders to work, but then automatically route the order to the recruiter with the best probability of successfully closing that job order.  We use industry data, your job order data, and your recruiter activity to determine all significant and predictive variables.  AI reduces the administrative workload of delivery managers, freeing up their time for higher-value activities like training & coaching of new recruiters.

Equip recruiters to advise & negotiateHaving information & analytical edge over the market is what makes the best stock pickers.  The same is true for Recruiter discussions with Hiring managers and candidates. With more complex rate cards and lower variances of bill rate submittals, you have to be more precise in how you respond and price assignments.  Market intelligence is key to understanding how you can expand spreads of the bill, pay, and mark-ups.


Winnability Scoring - Identify Profitable Opportunities and increase fill rate
Artificial Intelligence technology to prioritize requisitions based on the probability of winning and expected GP per assignment.  Prioritize requisitions based on the likelihood of winning to ensure that recruiters work on the highest quality opportunities.

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