Services Procurement Workflow

Brightfield’s advanced technologies enable the Service Procurement Optimizer module to consume and analyze services contracts.  TDX enables cost control, risk management, category strategy, and executive-level communications. Augmented analytics allow CPOs, CIOs, and Category leaders to assess the contents of their SOWs and to gather insights on over 100+ attributes within their contractual documents.

SOW MisclassificationOn average, 20% of SOW spend should be reclassified as Staff Augmentation. This mismanaged spend costs companies millions of premium expense – budget that could be reallocated to invest in digital transformation or workforce reskilling. Brightfield’s Machine Learning reads documents and pinpoints the 20 markers of staff augmentation, allowing visibility on the economic impact by drilling down into the discreet elements of the documents. 

There is an estimated 30-70% premium for SOW vs. Staff Aug roles.

Artificial Intelligence Capabilities 

TDX leverages Artificial Intelligence to capture relevant and contextual data most appropriate for Services Procurement analytics. Brightfield infuses the OCR technology with domain experts, who engage with human curation to provide extensibility and help the system continuously improve.

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