Competitive Differentiation

While talent cloud platforms have opened unprecedented opportunities, it has also created a challenge of differentiation.  

Lack of Analytical Tools

As the Gig Economy matures, platforms will have to continually offer more and better information and analytics to contractors in order to justify their percentage of revenues earned.    

Need for Market Data

Platforms will need this data as well to understand best the markets they serve and ways to innovate to serve them better.

Brightfield Talent Data Exchange (TDX)

Enter Brightfield and Talent Data Exchange (TDX), a platform designed and built exclusively to deliver program and market analytics, that standardizes and normalizes data across hundreds of programs, to enable on-demand access to internal performance analysis and external market benchmarks.  

An intuitive, AI-powered workforce analytics platform powered by proprietary data and domain expertise, TDX is powered by the world’s only B2B talent data exchange and proprietary insight into the market price of work

As the Gig economy matures, platforms will compete to craft the most value-added services possible to continue their empowering work. Brightfield is well-positioned to be your partner in this vital work.  

With TDX, you can offer:

Market Benchmarks

A complete array of market benchmarks for types of gigs that empower contractors to make their own decision whether to participate or not

Price Intelligence

Intelligence-driven forecasting to enable freelancers to understand their likelihood of winning gigs at varying price points based upon their experience and other criteria

Accelerate Roadmap

You can also use our data and analytical models to accelerate your own innovation roadmap, developing increasingly tailored offerings to your customers based upon their evolving needs and sophistication.

Seeing is Believing!

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