Talent Data Exchange (TDX)

Talent Data Exchange is a suite of analytical applications that help optimize both extended workforce and employee talent segments. Our platform consists of a 4 step workflow to convert raw transaction data to contextual insights.

Transaction System Data Sources

Member companies contribute transaction-level data to Talent Data Exchange. Members get access to market benchmarks across several dimensions of Risk, Quality, Efficiency, and Price by participating in the exchange.  

Our members share program level transaction data with Brightfield through a secure on-boarding process.  Our technology enables us to ingest large volumes of data from transaction systems and map it to a proprietary talent taxonomy.  TDX offers secure, real-time access to vetted and anonymized data contributed by participating members.

Source System Type

  • Vendor Management System (VMS)
  • Application Tracking System (ATS)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS)
Artificial Intelligence

Talent Data Exchange leverages the best in class technologies across the application stack. This includes practical implementation of Artificial Intelligence to map Job title and descriptions, benchmark and forecast market data and neural network technology to analyze SOW documents.  

We have leveraged focused technologies that can help our members achieve their business outcomes.  The following features within Talent Data Exchange (TDX) have the extensive application of machine learning technologies:

  • Job Taxonomy Classification
  • Scenario Forecasts
  • Predictive Benchmarks
  • Services Procurement
  • Mis-Classification Analytics
  • Job Order Winnability Scoring
  • Job Order Routing
Predictive Analytics & Benchmarks

Talent Data Exchange (TDX) has data-rich data of current market benchmarks, forecasts of critical attributes over the next 12 months and also predictive models for scenario modeling.

Decision-Support Modules

Talent Data Exchange (TDX) platform powers several product modules and features for our members. Our product suite comprises of applications that focus on the scope of work, i.e., Contingent Workforce, Services Procurement, and Full-Time Employee.  Our Recruiting products leverage data and AI from Talent Data Exchange

Brightfield is SOC II Certified

Largest Contingent Workforce spend data set on the planet

Brightfield collects actual Vendor Management System transaction data from global enterprises. Our ability to gather and analyze transaction data at scale gives us the ability to provide our customers with data and insights across industries, functions, and geographies.

$300 Bn

Spend Data




Industry Verticals


Job Categories

Global Coverage

At Brightfield, we collect data across global locations by virtue of our B2B exchange architecture.  Our members share their extended workforce data across geographies and suppliers.  

Our data network spans 115 countries that employ over 90% of the world’s working population.  We have near to perfect data for North America, Western Europe, and key locations in Asia.  

We have excellent coverage for Digital and Information Technology focused roles in global locations.  

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