Enterprises seek data and insights from their Vendor Management System, Not just transactional data capturing ability.

VMS lack the ability to create a baseline job taxonomy, provide price benchmarks that help enterprise leaders to optimize their program effectiveness. Customers seek comprehensive, relevant, and reliable insights across industries, regions, or the economy as a whole to strategic benchmarking.  

SOW Analytics

Analyze Statement of Work spend or otherwise track the entire External Workforce environment.  

Help generate visibility to determine the relative cost or value of the contingent labor to deliver a complete and accurate picture of the Extended Workforce landscape

Competition is fierce – for you and for your customers

An alliance with Brightfield will infuse your offering with data making you a more valuable vendor in the process.

Brightfield Talent Data Exchange (TDX)

Enter Brightfield and Talent Data Exchange (TDX), a platform designed and built exclusively to deliver program and market analytics, that standardizes and normalizes data across hundreds of enterprises, to enable on-demand access to internal performance analysis and external market benchmarks.  

An intuitive, AI-powered workforce analytics platform powered by proprietary data and domain expertise, TDX is powered by the world’s only B2B talent data exchange and proprietary insight into the market price of work, making Brightfield an indispensable teammate for today’s MSPs.

With TDX, you will be able to:

AI Capabilities

Add an AI layer to complement your customers’ transactional reporting

Market Benchmarks

Augment your existing dataset so that your customers can generate benchmark metrics to optimize their contingent spend

Accelerate Roadmap

Accelerate your innovation roadmap with access to analytical models and API

As the Gig economy matures, platforms will compete to craft the most value-added services possible to continue their empowering work. Brightfield is well-positioned to be your partner in this vital work.  

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