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Top Three Reasons Why SOWs Cause IT Projects to Fail

Almost all IT projects - from digital transformation to more pedestrian support of daily operations - rely heavily on outside suppliers, contractors, and consultants, each with their own SOWs. Learn how poorly written IT SOWs can lead to massive cost overruns and project delays, and how Brightfield can help you identify high-risk contracts and realize cost savings opportunities in the order of 20-40% of your IT SOW spend. In this webinar, Elizabeth Slack (Director of Customer Education) and Jill Norris (Market Director) discuss the following topics and more:

  • Why utilization of SOW services is becoming more popular despite the associated risks
  • How poorly written IT SOWs encourage cost overruns, unexpected results, and increased legal exposure
  • How Brightfield leverages $400 billion in extended workforce transactions to identify high risk contracts and realize cost savings opportunities