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Don't Blame Your MSP - Rethinking the insourcing equation

Chief Procurement Officers are looking across all major categories of spend to achieve cost savings for the business and to free up spend to re-allocate to post-pandemic growth initiatives. One category receiving particular attention is contract labor—company spending on non-employee workers (e.g., contractors, consultants, temporary staff). In this article, Brightfield's CEO (Jesse Levin) and Head of Advisory and Customer Education (Steven Williams) examine three important questions about contract labor spend and discuss why your MSP may not have the answers:

  • Do we have the right mix of workers across worker categories (employees, contractors, temporary staff, business process outsourced workers, etc.) to achieve our business goals?
  • How effective (and cost-efficient) is our approach to non-employee workers?
  • Are we paying non-employees the optimal amount to get the right talent at the right time for the right cost?