TDX products powered by AI

Rate Intelligence

Uncover true costs

Get granular skill based market rate benchmarks to set ongoing budgeting and contracting expectations with business partners and suppliers.

Rate Card Manager

Balance savings with reality

Update rate cards in seconds instead of weeks, complete with forecasted savings impact.

SOW Rate Insights

Level the playing field

Negotiate and lower SOW contracted resource rates with “ should cost” insights.

SOW Quality and Risk Analytics

Diagnose your sourcing problem

Upload hundreds of SOW documents and identify which transactions contain hidden premiums including staff augmentation misclassification.

ROI Dashboard

See how far you’ve saved

A continuously updating inventory of your identified and realized savings across all SOW & CW savings opportunities.

Supplier Scorecards

Get 90% of Your Life Back

Automatically generate supplier scorecards for massive time savings and use for continuous performance management rather than a once a year event.

Business Case


Find savings fast.
Get a FREE business case.

5 SOWs To Start The Path To Savings.

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